Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our 1st post from Sedona

It was such a surprise to look up from our campsite and see this beautiful sunset shot~ Mickie on our first hike with Sedona and the beautiful scenery behind.

Kenai looks like it was a tough hike, but is wasn't that bad - she likes to act!!

And, Flora just looking great. She has been wonderful this whole trip and she enjoys hiking with the whole family. It was a little touch for her - some pretty good climbs, but she just keeps up and then loves her breaks.

Our 2nd hike was back into Fay Canyon and that was an easy but pretty hike. As always the dogs made lots of friends. We try to hike early to make it easier for the dogs - cooler and less people.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grand Canyon - day 2 on South Rim

I had to show you how hearty these tree are - this was solid rock that they grow out of.
Us on a windy day. It was a fun day to hike and we made it back to the truck just as the wind and rain came.

The south Kaibab trail that leads into the canyon. We did hike down several switchbacks and then huffed back up. This trail leads into the canyon, across a suspension bridge and then onto Phantom Ranch. The Bright Angel Trail and this trail both offer mule rides which we did NOT do!

A look down the trail - too long for us, we could probably make it down - BUT then there is back up the trail - ha!

Another pretty picture! We left the canyon 1 day early due to horrible weather. On the last night it thundered, lightening and blew up a big storm. The camper was rocking and rolling, the elks outside were bugleing - a way of complaining I think because they sure were making noise. There were tornado warnings coming up toward the canyon so we decided to exit stage left. On our way down to Sedona outside of Flagstaff we saw results of tornados the night before - trucks overturned and in the median, several train cans blown right off the tracks and the worst was a CamperWorld that was selling new campers only the campers were blown and smashed all over. I don't think there was one that was spared. I didn't get pictures because we were too busy watching for tornados. Also there was hail the size of eggs along the road. It was with relief that we made it to Sedona.

Grand canyon - day 1 on South Rim

At the end of the road is Hermits Rest. There is a trail going down into the canyon that starts here.
To get here you must take a shuttle bus and we were all the way out here when the rain began! Everyone was running to the bus and it could only hold so many - luckily we were up toward the front of the line.
This is the floor to ceiling fireplace in Hermits Rest. Beautiful building all made out of stone.

Again a cloud phono but with the Colorado river in the middle.

Mel holding up the tree! Such a wonderful background.

This picture had to be taken to show you how the clouds effect the canyon. It changes every minute and gives you a different perspective.

Again, one of my favorite pictures. I seem to like to have a tree or more in my pictures!

North rim of Grand Canyon - day 2

These are the Vermillion Cliffs on the way in and out of the north rim of the Grand Canyon.
The aspens were changing colors and they looked so beautiful. We are missing our colors at home, so this was a welcome sight!!

What do you think about this sunset shot?? The sky was on fire and all of us campers were running up to the rim to take pictures!

On the hike from our campground to the lodge, this was one of the canyons we hiked by.

Also on the hike, this location had a wonderful bench that you could just sit and gaze out into the canyon. What a way to spend some time!

Grand Canyon - day 1 on North Rim

The north rim was definately a beautiful place. Our campsite was wooded, secluded, nice fire pit and lovely setting. The north rim is not nearly as crowded as the south rim. We did some hiking, had lunch at the lodge looking out over the canyon, met some wonderful people who we shared a fire and wine with and just had a great time.
Angels Window - pretty sight and could walk out on it. Mel walked right out, I had a little difficulty but did make it. It was worth it!

Colarado River way down in the canyon. Mary & Bob - do you remember this point from your rafting?

This is one of my favorite pictures. I just loved the north rim and there are more pictures coming!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Canyonlands National Park

A mesa in the distance. The river had really cut deep in this park of the canyon....
The Green River running thru Canyonlands. Just below here is where the Green and Colorado Rivers meet at Confluence.

Spires in the canyon.

The smog is smoke from the fires in Salt Lake City.

Arches National Park, Moab Utah

This is called Double O arch - we hiked to this and climbed quite a way up, but could not quite make the last several feet - too scary!
This is us at Pine Tree Arch.

Landscape Arch - we hike about 1 mile to this arch. Several years ago a large piece broke off the bottom of this arch and it is very thin now.

And this arch is called Tunnel Arch. Are we giving you enough arches?? It is truly a beautiful park to visit, we spent 2 days here hiking and touring and enjoyed each minute of it.